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Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the easiest and friendliest of poker games, in which the aim is to beat the croupier’s hand – players are not competing against each other. Casino Stud Poker is played at a table similar to Blackjack. The attraction of the game is the high pay-off if you are dealt a good hand which qualifies (the croupier requires an ace, king or a higher hand to qualify, if not the croupier will pay all the ante bets (original bet) and removes the cards before starting a new game).

Stud Poker

The game then restarts and ante bets are placed. Each player including the croupier will receive five cards, one of the croupier’s cards is placed face up (a little clue to the strength of the croupier’s hand). Each player decides or bluffs whether to continue playing, if so you will need to double your original bet (ante) and place it in the raised box. This is when the excitement begins, when the croupier reveals his hand and players will know instantly whether they are winners. All payouts are listed on the table.

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