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About Us

Why choose KingsFunCasino

KingsFunCasino specialises in providing a professional fun casino hire and offers the finest casino equipment, range of games and experienced staff to host your special event.

Gaming Tables

KingsFunCasino invites you to enjoy our quality casino equipment. The tables look stunning with the highest quality black felt tops and grey leather surrounds and with wood and stainless steel legs. All our gaming tables are embellished with the company’s logo making our tables amongst London’s finest.

Roulette Wheels

Our wheels are finely engineered full size stunning jet black roulette wheels designed and produced by Cammegh, who are regarded as the premier global casino wheel manufacturer, supplying many cruise ships and casinos around the world as well as other establishments.


The founder of KingsFunCasino, Harry Charalambos Iacovou has over twenty years of customer relations and casino experience. He’s had the pleasure of working in many casinos in a variety of roles and has worked with numerous clients at many different special events and occasions. Therefore, your event couldn’t be in better hands.

Our Croupiers

We are exceptionally proud of our croupiers who are professional, experienced and friendly. They will be pleased to explain to your guests how to play the fun casino games. Our male croupiers are well presented and groomed wearing our company uniform of distinctive black and red striped evening wear. The lady croupiers look stunning in red and black evening dresses. They all look the part and will make a lasting impression at your special event.

Casino Chips & Cards

At KingsFunCasino, guests will always notice our unrivalled attention to detail. We use the highest quality playing equipment such as traditional Monte Carlo playing chips and authentic casino playing cards, as found in casinos around the globe.

The Legal Bits

For your peace of mind KingsFunCasino holds a full public liability insurance.

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